Last of His Kind

- pi
Hope came from the North, it’s told,
To fight on Gondor’s side
Arnor was his home of old.
In Bree he’s known as Strider.

Raised by Elves, last of his kind,
Numenorean king.
No land to call his own, he sighed,
Til Bilbo found the Ring.

Then events for good or ill
Had culminated in
The war to end all wars on earth,
Known as The War of the Ring.

Dunadan, he was so called
Elessar and Elfstone,
Aragorn, his given name
His battle blade, it shone.

Longshanks also was he called,
Isildur’s Heir to some,
Wingfoot, swift as man can run
Telcontar – house and home.

Long now rests the king of kings
the last one of his kind
Never will men find a man
to match his soul, heart and mind.