Our Middle-earth Journey

If you can read this, this is for you. A little something about our journey and adventures together as we approach the final theatrical installment of the trilogy. I hope you like this, because this poem is for you, and you, and you...

My thoughts on writing this started with the feeling of loss which has already been expressed by some on the boards since, as we all know, this shared experience is coming to an end. I know there are still things to come, e.g., DVDs, EE DVDs, maybe behind-the-scenes DVDs, road shows, parties, gatherings, etc., but in a way a big part of this is ending soon with the release of ROTK.

Not to get too sentimental, but as a fan of JRRT for over 25 years, and having read and re-read LOTR over 25 times, I can easily say that this man's writing has struck a chord within me. Obviously, I am not alone. Growing up, I knew a couple of people who shared my passion, but it has been very nice to be able to see so many here who's passion for it is at least as great, and from what I can tell for many of you, greater than my own.

Our Middle-earth Journey

Our journey started, soon to end
The stage is set for curtain calls
So many strangers turned to friends
A common love between us all.

Beginning with a Fellowship,
Uncommon courage tied their fate
A fear of Darkness, ill-equipped,
To fight the deathless ere too late.

The second step brought pain indeed
The breaking of the nine who dared
Death arrived, onward with speed,
They journeyed still, fighting despair.

Finding help where none foresaw,
Enemies ‘round every turn.
Onward still they scratch and claw
Their way towards fate so taciturn.

Last of all the Trilogy,
Brings to an end, for good or ill,
Outcome uncertain, enemies,
Threaten all those of good will.

The final battle to decide,
Who will rule this Middle-earth,
The land of creatures great and small,
And the beginnings of our birth.

We say farewell, too soon finished
This journey undertaken by
Those of us who might have wished
We didn’t have to say good-bye.

- pi