The Battle of Helm's Deep

King Theoden, like rusty sword,
Untimely bent from poison words,
Gandalf’s return to Shadowfax’s land,
Eorlingas made their mighty stand.

Echoed horns, both near and far,
To Helm’s Deep, now their foes did march,
Fort emptied out by Saruman
To try and win over Rohan.

With help from three of foreign lands,
Who fought beside this gentle man,
With all his folk so brave and free,
They won with courage admirably.

Ents as well helped in their way,
To tree-killers, came death that day,
Warily eyed the glade of Huorns,
Ran wailing in, none to return.

The first test for men from the West,
Hand to hand, fought wizard’s best,
Both Dunlender and Orc dismayed,
They fought Rohan and died that day.

- pi