Gimli, Son of Gloin was He

Gimli son of Gloin was he,
A hardy dwarf, that all could see.

With a battle-axe fought so,

None saw such hewing to and fro.

Yet chopping was not for a tree,

But orc heads or Dunlender’s knees.

They fought and felt the Dwarvish wrath.

(If only Gimli’d take a bath!!)

The oddest friendship of them all,

With Legolas, so fair and tall.

They soon became a pair to see,

In glade or mountain top they’d be.

Representing all his folk,

Quick to anger, but slowly spoke,

“He lets his actions speak for him,”

Said Gondorian and Rohirrim.

Twas long ago, and far away,

In lands unknown to man, they say

That Gimli son of Gloin did live,

For Fellowship, gave all to give.

- pi