The Fate of Faramir

"A wizard’s pupil," his father cursed
Second best to he
Who fought with fellowship alone
And died, then slipped to sea.

Faramir was Steward’s heir,
But what would he then rule?
Would Gondor see it’s final days
As Sauron the Cruel’s?

He strode as one for whom doom seeks,
As loud as trumpets bray,
Turning back the black breath’s reek,
As dead, fallen on that day.

He fainted cold, a sleep so deep
No healer could be found
To fight the Morgul-breath and keep
Lord Faramir from drowning.

At last the future lord of men,
As evil’s tide was turned
Saved him from the tower of Rath Dinen
For the King has just returned.
- pi