Reminded of the Bath Song at Crickhollow

As wandering paths fall behind
And evening's halls are a-glow
There somewhere inside you will find
A dirty soul looking to go.

For inside it’s there you will see
Beyond the entrance and the hall
A warm, steamy room just for me
With soap awaiting my call.

Awash with suds on my mind
And pruned fingers getting the slip
From scrubbies to wash away grime
And lye escaping my grip.

A-splashing and whooshing so long
Away with the dirt of the day
As half the waters are gone
To drip slowly down the floor's drain.

Now clean, I feel hunger’s cry
As I step from the warm room’s embrace
I quickly get dressed, then espy
The laden table, and say grace.

Once seated and cooked is roast beast*
And prayers of thanks are given
My stomach get stuffed from the feast
Now this is what's called good living!

* Roast beast is in homage to Dr. Seuss’ “The Grinch who Stole Christmas”

- pi