Gil-galad fought with his spear, and Aiglos was its name,
He fought with it, ever undimmed, to the Dark Lord’s servant’s bane,
The sight of it would hearten Elves, over many a hill and dale,
To bring about the outcome and ensure his kin won’t fail.

Tales tell that he fought in the last Alliance of Elves and Men,
It’s here that good and evil saw Aiglos rise in wrath again,
Bringing death’s doom to Sauron’s forces, unhindered through the fight,
To Mordor’s men and orcs alike, borne down by all his might.

It shone with light from the High King’s hand, and evil ran away,
Until he made his final stand, coming to Gondor’s aid,
Beside him fought Elendil fair, both leaders died that day,
No total loss for Elves and Men, as Sauron’s spirit fled away.

- pi