Meriadoc Brandybuck

Meriadoc Brandybuck went riding off to war
He rode before a woman brave, with hair like sheets of gold
He left his stolid pony behind, for they must run so far
And he would face dangers great, and do feats untold

He freted and worried for his friends, lost or far away
He screamed for death, but for foe or him he did not know
And he rode forth upon a steed, he fought to save the day
He strode forth across the field and with his blade did stab the foe

Blackness gathering upon the field, bearing down upon the fallen
A woman of gold with sword of light stands before
Meriadoc Brandybuck swings his sword and the blade, it did bite him
And the darkest foe upon the ground was felled and he was no more

- Peregrine