Eowyn Meets Faramir

Her arm was broken, her heart the same
Despairing, wondering why she was not slain
Pain and torture within her fair breast
A darkness their that none could best

But then she came upon the gardens there
To see what would become of Eowyn fair
And there she saw, standing tall and proud
A man that lifted from her a heavy black shroud

They spoke few words but they stood long together
And longer still facing the stormy weather
And she walked every day outside beside him
Looking towards the east where the sky is black and dim

There came a day when he could no longer stay
The words he needed to her to say
And within the city of proud Gondor
And to Eowyn's greatest wonder

He asked her softly if she would be his wife
So he could love her and hold her the rest of their life
And that day a wall was broken
And Eowyn gained the greatest token

Fair and cold, she bloomed like a flower
And all marvled at that hidden power
That she would take up no more that sword and the shield
Tending instead to those who needed to be healed

And she stood with Faramir upon the high stones
And across to the east they felt their hearts roam
And they held each other, hand in hand
And never were two people happier upon sea or upon land

- Peregrine