Long Roads

Long roads, lonely roads
Stretching before my feet
People pass, people pass
People I'll ne'er meet

Stranger roads, danger roads
Running through the dark
Alone upon them I must go
My feet the road do mark

A man without a horse
A man without a home
I am without a light to see
Without something for my own

I follow winds that blow me
I follow birds that fly
I go where others need me
I do what I can, and try

I offer aid for others
I am often never seen
And for those who have spoken
It is as though I've ne'er been

Long roads, lonely roads
Running through the night
I lead you through the darkness
I stray you from the fight

I protect you from the darkness
I guard you from the night
I let your feet stay steady
I let your dreams take flight

I am the shadow following
Upon those lonely roads
And if you ever need me
I shall take your heavy loads

- Peregrine