The Horn of Gondor

LotR Object: Boromir's horn

Borne forth by the son
Of a broken line
It's call to ring clear and true
Upon the very steps of a shadowed realm
Where good was a shattered blade
Borne forth by the son
Of a broken city
Where courage hung by a thread
Upon the borders of a foul land
Giving birth to hate and dread
Borne forth by the son
Of a dying crown
Towards where Elves doth dwell
To find the one of a dream
Come of someone else's head
Borne forth by the son
Of a shattered realm
To be blown Fate's last call
Followed after a halfling charge
Towards where fear doth dwell
And borne forth towards doom
The horn was brought
To cry a ringing call
Upon the steps where life does end
And courage drowned in dread
Borne forth by a son
With a tortured heart
To halt upon river's edge
Where horn was sounded one last time
Ere its time was through
Borne forth by a son
To be clove in two
To die beside the man
Who sounded the horn to save the two
Borne away by evil's dread
And the horn
Borne forth by a son
Was laid to rest
In an Elven boat
To be carried towards the sea
But forth it was borne
Away from the son
Towards a broken City
Towards a broken line
Towards a great white tree 

- Peregrine