Under swaying branches he once did dwell
But sent he was by Rivendel
To come forth to the aid of Men
To honour now what was then

And forth he marched upon unerring feet
To whatever end he should meet
A host of Elves at his call
Little did they know he would fall

And ever onward did they march until eves of darkness fell
And Elven horns sounded sweet as of a silver bell
And tall upon the walls they stood
Casting back cloak and hood

And bolts flew long and far
And the night was feirce and hard
And many fell and many died
And many lived and many cried

And Elves did perish upon the wall
As one stood straight and tall
Wheeling sword above his head
Ere an axe struck him dead

And death rushed forth to meet
Those of steps so fleet
To carry away to a golden wood
Where all was fair and good

And life did leak from his form
As somewhere sounded a horn
And from the walls did they flee
O'er wall and stone and scree

And alone he lay among the dead
Stone cold below his head
And sadness filled his very soul
For death is life's greatest toll

- Peregrine