Dernhelm, Brave and Tall

Dernhelm, brave and tall
Rides his steed into battle
Before him sits a wee Hobbit
Merry by name with his little burrow-blade

The horse rears and snorts
The giants roar and thunder
Horns are sounded and shatter
Swords break and shields blown asunder

Dernhelm, brave and tall
Fighting to reach the King
A man he loves, fallen to the ground
Over which hovers the beast, maw dripping

His sword is naked
His eyes blaze bright
And he slashes the head from its neck
The foul beast lies dead upon the field

Dernhelm, brave and tall
Faces his greatest threat
Tall and dark and evil lurking
Raising a mace to strike down

Merry stabs deep into a leg
Dernhelm stares into his faceless cowl
He raises his sword
He will not turn away

Eowyn, brave and tall
Stabs forward with her blade
A screaming pain, she falls to the ground
And beside her, Theoden lies dying
- Peregrine