Golden Bells

LotR Object: The little bells on Asfaloth's bridle from the book
Stabbed through the shoulder by Morgul blade
He was drawn ever closer to the land of the Shade
But three little hobbits and brave Ranger near
Would not let the hobbit into the land of great Fear
And forth down the road came Elf upon steed
He bid Frodo ride, flee at great speed
And he took up the reins and little bells rang
And with the sound the horse's heart sang
Little bells singing like glass ringing soft
And forth pounded great steed--the horse Asfaloth
And onward he plunged, for river near
And following on came horsemen drear
And Frodo did cling to the horse Asfaloth
And hanging at bridle were bells ringing soft
And the horse's heart sang with the clear ringing sound
And forth did hooves flash o'er the ground
Water ran silver, shallow here
And across the ford Ringwraiths drew near
Frodo drew dire blade, but could not bring it to bear
And he fell forth stunned into Asfaloth's hair
But he raised his proud head, bells ringing clear
And from across the ford an Elf did hear
And even as 'wraiths waded across ford
In the distance water roared
And down from above
Came a raging flood
And Men with white horses ran with as water
And the Ringwraith horses reared and faltered
And black Men were lost under horse-drawn flood
And stunned Frodo watched from his perch up above
And Asfaloth reared his proud head
For evil black horses had been drowned dead
And little gold bells rang clear
As Elf with companions across ford did near
And Frodo patted the horse, whispering soft
For here was a hero--the great Asfaloth!

- Peregrine