When Atop the Coldest Mountain

When atop the coldest mountain
And when deep within in, too
The darkness was oppressive
It squeezed and threatened to crush him

But when the light failed and the air grew still
The Elven Prince found comfort
In the leaves of home so far away
where darkness did not dwell

He took great comfort in his Dwarfish friend
But, alas, he missed the trees
Of his faraway Mirkwood realm
Where the sun played upon the leaves

And even when he stood below the towering bows
Of the Lorien's tall, tall trees
He found himself yearning for the sound
Of the Mirkwood's quite breeze

Though the trees were dark and monsters roamed
His home was still his home
And when the sun was gone and the moon grew dark
Legolas . . . he dreamt of trees

- Peregrine