The Struggle of Arwen

I can live forever
be a symbol to all
Live happily, have children
And never lose my gift

But can I change my heart?
Can I let him go?
In time I could forget
Or even lie to myself

But I would still feel
the warmth of his embrace
The love in his eyes
purging the depths of my soul

Could I possibly forget
the tears that would fall from his face?
The breaking of our hearts
As I ride out of sight forever

Maybe it would be better that way
But I could never be happy
Without him in my life
But what about death?

I know not what death is
I'm not meant to die
Yet that is what my heart should do
If I should ever forsake him

My choice is clear now
I must face the deep blackness
to live the rest of my days
With Aragorn, my love

For a life without him
Is death in itself

- Pale Niphredil