Samwise Gamgee: A Hobbit's Adventure

My best friend leaving?
He cannot go alone
This road is too dangerous
From Gandalf's tone

Samwise Gamgee
I give up my life
To help poor Frodo
Through this strife

Along the dark paths
Joined by Merry and Pip
We hardly escape
The Black Riders' grip

Suddenly a stranger
Takes us to his room
He'll protect Master Frodo
Yet mystery looms

Nightime at Weathertop
Screams in the dark
Frodo is hurt
I've failed my part

We arrive at Rivendell
and to my surprise
There's so many elves
A grace to my eyes

Frodo recovers
Yet the wound remains
He goes to the council
I sneak in unordained

My best friend leaving?
He can't go alone
I won't leave his side
My loyalty shone

Joined on the road
By a man, elf, and dwarf
We set out for Mordor
There's evil to thwart

Gandalf is lost
Boromir dead
Frodo and I set out alone
Left the others behind instead

We follow and follow
This creature as a guide
I do not like him
He's got something to hide

My best friend dead?
It cannot be true
I must complete the quest
Frodo, I do this for you

I walk away
to later return
Yet orcs get there first
My blood starts to burn

Not dead? Just asleep?
Hope fills my heart
I follow to rescue
Frodo and I won't be apart

There's not much I can do
My master is hurt
I cannot give up
We'll trudge through the dirt

He is too weak to make it
I must give him a hand
Gollum? He completes the task
by taking the gold band

Frodo is free
Gollum met his end
We have no means of escape
No help for which to send

Celebrations in Gondor
And off to the Shire
We rid the villain
And finally retire

My best friend leaving?
He must go alone
I soon shall follow
When my wife condones.

- Pale Niphredil