The Breaking of the Fellowship

Which direction to go
Which choice to make
"Let the ring-bearer decide"
Words to shape fate

Wandering aimlessly
pondering his task
Suddenly Boromir
crossed his small path

An unseen struggle
between man and his will
had driven the warrior
to face Frodo on this hill

Foreseeing this downfall
and with some good luck
Frodo escaped
yet found he was stuck

The Ring would destroy them
if it remained in their trust
He must set out alone
remove the object of lust

Yet Samwise was quicker
he knew what to do
the quest carried not one hobbit
but now there were two

The others knew not
of the fight on the hill
But orcs soon invaded
ready to kill

They had taken the halflings
and Boromir lay dying
The others arrived
yet there was no denying

Merry and Pippen
had been taken and bound
The fellowship was broken
with blood coating the ground.

- Pale Niphredil