Master Frodo was just a homely Hobbit of youth
When he was given a ring with all but the truth.
The Ring called for Sauron, in his possession it was meant.
Which made the need to destroy it even moreurgent.

To whom this task they were obliged to hire
None other than plain and naïve Frodo from the Shire.
Frodo kept the Ring with him wherever he went,
but to get back to Sauron the Rings’ power was bent.

He journeyed far with Wizard, Elf, Dwarf and Man,
But furthest he travelled with his loyal hobbit friend Sam.
Through forest, mountains, rivers and cruel landscape
The company of nine, now parted and one less did escape.

Because they were pursued by a creature called Gollum.
Ever since they had left the bare, elvin land of Hollin.
Frodo was followed by Gollum, a hobbit driven by want of the Ring.
Which turned him into a twisted and cunning wretch of a thing

The others fought battles in Fields, Minas Tirith and Helms Deep.
And together with many hurts they left the enemy lying in a heap.
Gollum led Frodo and Sam to the lair of Shelob, for meat she was fond
And again Frodo was saved of torture and death by Sam’s bond.

Tiptoeing with the gift of light given to him by elf queen Galadriel
They escaped past the giant spider and safely up the fiery hill.
Finally they destroyed the Ring in Mt Doom which to all brought mirth
And in turn diminished Saurons evil rage on Middle Earth. 
- Paigehonor