The Colors of the End

Honorable Mention for the Colors of Middle-earth Poetry Contest

The glare of red inside my mind
Its brightness erases all I’ve left behind
It has become everything I can see
It feeds and destroys me as Sam now agrees.

I hear him remind me of things so remote
I cannot see them Sam my spirit is broke.
Tears of sorrow splash against my face
And I know I will never in this life leave this place.

His voice calls me back from the brink of despair
I go on one more moment just because he is there
I feel myself lifted and carried aloft
Is this my fate is my life truly the cost?

Desperation and greed awaken my wrath
The traitor has tried to take the precious back
The blackness of his deed spur me on
The red door ahead I must carry on.

At the edge of forever white light burns my face
And I know I have reached the end of the race
I have but to turn from it, to throw it away
It calls to me to keep it and claim it this day.

I have nothing left in my mind to resist
To claim it now would bring only bliss
I turn and betray him longsuffering Sam
The ring slides to my finger; Am I now to be damned?

Red Blood on my hands a grip on my throat
Gollum has reclaimed it and begins to gloat
Sam watches with horror as we fight for our prize
A bit of brazen gold and fire in our eyes.

I see him fall with the ring far below
I hang on for a moment though I want to let go
The ring calls to me it beckons me home
I wish to follow it and so no more to roam

Sam's voice calls out again
It brings to me visions of the Shire of Bag End
I try just for him the blackness lifting away
I try until he saves me and the Ring melts to decay

I can see the Shire now the red images gone
But our life’s blood is spent we are here all alone
The mountain will claim us there is no way out
An unlooked for help the eagles have come to carry us no doubt

Awakened once more to mirth and with glee
Reunited with friends I thought I’d never see
The green of the grass the soft white of the day
If only I felt well I run with them and play

Healing cannot happen not here in this land
Physical scars are healing like the space upon my hand
My mind is not right it was torn near in two
As the ring went into the fire part of me went too.

Sailing into the west it is my only chance
Leaving my friends behind, I see their faces blanch
I board the ship in the golden light
Leaving them behind has taken all my might

I look back at them so they can see it at the very last
I am healing already, so please don’t weep for what is past
I go to seek wholeness and that I shall find
One day across the sea, peace it shall be mine…

- Overlithe