Sestinas by Orangeblossom Took


A small, cheerful hobbit with bright eyes
Your laughter cheered your cousins on a clear autumn day
You will not be left behind, although you are young
Youngest of the Fellowship, they called you a fool
When you brought down danger, you thought they were right
The lady said you would find your courage and you fought bravely

With a wound on his forehead, Merry needed your courage
You had an idea, despite the fear in your eyes
Dropping the rock was wrong but dropping the leaf was right
Free but battered and exhausted on a frightening day
This was no time to be a fool
Circumstances do not care that you are young

You know when this adventure ends you will not be young
With the loss of youth will come knowledge and courage
They will see that you never really were a fool
The orcs have nothing but hunger behind their eyes
An unexpected friend arrives on a fortunate day
You will show the ents which way is right

You approach the stone but know it is not right
And erred because you were courious and young
The darkness found you through the stone that day
But no one can say you lacked for courage
It was a long time before you opened your eyes
This time you know you were a fool

Merry turned away and knew you for a fool
Gandalf can take this mistake and make it right
Forgiveness and worry rest in his eyes
Serving the fearful Steward, you do not feel young
Saving a son from his father, you show courage
A terrible fire lights the black day

You fight bravely later that day
Courage is found and you are not a fool
A terrible weight can not crush your courage
Friends return and all is now right
A piece of your heart is not longer young
Competence and maturity are in your eyes

A fight for home takes courage but you won the day
There is pain in a cousin's eyes and you feel a useless fool
You know it is right to sing him to the land of the young
- Orangeblossom Took