Sestinas by Onónë

Frodo studying with Bilbo

Sun streams through windows, calling me, "Come out!"
The air is fresh, the breeze is sweet, but here inside I pout.
Why must I do my lessons on such a gorgeous day?
Can't you understand me when I say I'd rather play?
Lessons linger, the day drags on and I can't concentrate.
If I sneak out to take a hike, will Bilbo see I'm late?

Now's my chance! If I get out while he still gone - Too late!
Letters, words and elvish verbs - I think my brain's worn out!
"This verse speaks of men and elves and - Frodo! Concentrate!
History's important, so sit up and please don't pout."
I have to be here, so I sit, but I let my mind go play
In another time, another place, and still another day.

Dusk falls; shadows lengthen; the end of one more day.
Bilbo sits and tells me tales until the hour grows late.
His dear old face on which the fire and candlelight now play
Brings drama to his gripping words which tumble smoothly out.
He says, "No more tonight;" and I, in disappointment, pout.
In bed, I retell all his tales; I try to concentrate.

Another day; another choice: to play or concentrate.
My books now call my name and bid me stay inside all day.
Through the window call my friends: "Come and play!" They pout
When I decide to read instead, until the hour grows late.
The next day, and it's so fine that I really must go out.
Inspiration strikes and I will read outside instead of play.

But even that is not so good: all study and no play.
Pippin appears and starts to babble. I can't concentrate!
Down goes my book; I've done my studies. "Pip, let's go hang out!"
We hike and eat and sit and talk and waste away the day.
I get home well past dark. I didn't know it was so late.
Thoughts of studying tomorrow make me want to pout.

The rain is pouring down and so I have no cause to pout.
"Bilbo, language studies are no fun when I just want to play!"
Bilbo ignores my arguments; we study till it's late.
I know all this; I've studied it. Why must I concentrate?
By bedtime I am cross and bored, but tomorrow's a new day.
Bilbo says, "Let's take a wander. We both should get out."

O'er hills, 'cross fields we wander late; we must turn back - Bilbo don't pout.
I'm all worn out so we leave the rest for another day of play.
Now whenever I can't concentrate, I follow Bilbo and wander all day.
- Onónë