Merry's Ode to His Pipe

LotR Object: Merry's pipe

Something innocuous, innocent, small;
Equally at home in hobbit hole or great hall;
A stem and a small, round bowl of made of clay:
My pipe at the end of the day.

Blue rings made of smoke float off with the breeze;
Or Gandalf the Grey can make ships on the seas.
A smoke after supper watching youngsters at play:
My pipe at the end of the day.

Though far I may travel and long may I roam,
A whiff from Southfarthing brings my errant thoughts home.
I always carry it when e'er I stray:
My pipe for the end of the day.

Longbottom Leaf and Old Toby for sure
Remind me of home with their scents deep and pure.
There's nothing more comforting when far away
Than a pipe at the end of the day.

I journey through danger, past things that are fell,
But a puff on my pipe tells me all will be well.
It's a peace that's from knowing that all is OK.
Ahh, my pipe at the end of the day.

And when, once again, I return to my home
And settle down seldom again to roam,
I'll send puffs of smoke through sunset's last ray:
My pipe at the end of the day.

-  Onónë