Bilbo's Map

LotR Object: The map of the Lonely Mtn. from The Hobbit

Of journey and adventure oft' I speak
Of paths well trod and forests deep
"We must away ere break of day…
Over the hills and far away."

My lines fade slightly; my edges crack,
But I'll still guide you there and back.
The road less traveled's the one to take,
Down a new road, through a secret gate.

Long days ago I guided the path
Of dwarves on a mission, intent on wrath
Through mountains misty and far away,
And whither then? I cannot say.

The dwarves (plus one) found treasure hordes
And settled down as rich as lords.
But Bilbo went home, counting the cost
For not all who wander are lost.

In later years we, that is, Bilbo and I,
Would wander the Shire under the sky.
But never vast distances did we tread
For the world is behind and home ahead.

But now I hang in frame on wall
And provoke the curiosity of hobbits small.
In dreams they'll wander hill and fen,
Imagining there and back again.

Old Bilbo likes to stare at me
Drifting back in his memory
And though those days are now long gone,
Still the road goes ever on and on.

Now Bilbo takes me off the wall
And packs me in his knapsack small.
We journey again where all is well
To Rivendell, where Elves yet dwell.

- onónë