Gondor Needs No King

A Song for Denthor

Gondor needs no king;
Her stewards serve her well.
No evil thing shall enter here,
Nothing that is fell.

Gondor needs no king;
The realm of men shall stand.
Though all the hordes of Mordor come
They shall not have our land.

Gondor needs no king;
We only ask our right:
Give us the Power that should be ours
And we shall end this night.

Boromir, my son!
You should have been my heir;
But with your cloven horn they brought
More grief than I can bear.

Alas! Dark days have come.
Fell words reach me anew.
The halfling's tale only confirms
What I hoped could not be true.

Faramir! Oh, Faramir!
More like your brother be.
Duty, courage, honor you have,
But weakness, too, I see.

Gondor needs no king.
She will not last this night.
Why waste the lives of all her men
In this, a hopeless fight.

Boromir has gone.
Farmir shall die,
And with him on the funeral pyre
To hopeless death go I.
- onónë