Seven Double Dactyls for Gimli

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone.........

Chop-a-lot, Drop-a-lot,
Gimli Dwarf, Gloin's Son
Axes, his weapons;
Remembers to breathe!
Unparalleled in Dwarf
Manners untidy: wipes
Mouth on his sleeve.

Smash-a-lot, Bash-a-lot
Gimli, the Elven Friend
Went on the mission for
Elves he won't trust
Best friend to Legolas
Manners disgust.

Miner-ish, Diner-ish
Axe-wielder, Gloin's Son
Fiercely proud said no one
Tosses a dwarf!
False reputation of
Good with an axe; looks a
Little like Worf.

Dwarrowdelf, Dwarrowdelf
Lock-bearer, Elven Friend
Part of the fellowship
"You have my axe."
Competes with Legolas
Diligently counts the
Orcs that he whacks!

Miner deep, miner deep
Gimli, the Truest Dwarf
Caverns and caves are where
He'd like to live.
One of his hobbies, but
Mithril is shiny and
More lucrative.

Jiggery Pokery
The Quintessential Dwarf
"Let's go to Moria" -
alters the course.
Later we find him more
"It was deliberate!" -
Falls off a horse.

and last, but not least....

Pony Prance, Pony Prance
Samwisegirl's Dearest Dwarf
Tales of his antics we
Dare not abridge
Eats anything that we
Leave in the fridge
- onónë