Creatures of Middle-earth

- Onca Icatra

 #1 Shadowfax

Oh how great your awesome strength is.
You fly the wizard to where he must go.
Your mane so bright and as white as snow.
Unflagging beauty of this land.

Ancient horse gallops away.
Having a rider with beard of grey.
You ride with no bounderies no fence to keep you.
Ancient horse of this realm.

You fly at speeds unmatched by none.
Quick on your feet and head held high.
A majestic beast that will leap towards the sky.
You help the rider in dire need.

Oh you are the fastest and greatest steed.

 #2 Fell Beast

A vicous beast of the skies.
In the land of Mordor is where it lies.
Swishing its tail as it swoars through the air.
Looking for fresh meat,flesh,men.

Riders of darkness.

Skin so rough it will blead you from touching.
Teeth so sharp it would squewer your heart.
Its' cry filled with such terror.

It is the fell beast and hunts the ringbearer.

 #3 Eagles

Great majestic birds of the sky.
Friends of elves and wizards alike.
Show your awesome bravery.
Helping the ones who need it most.

Wings flap so smooth and graceful.
Cries that touch us.

Saving us from towers so high.
Your body so graceful as you fly through the sky.
You are amazing creatures of this land.
You helped The Fellowship in their final stand.
Oh great majectic bird of light.
You float over this land in your awesome might.

You are a creature of wisdom and creature of flight.

 #4 Ringwraiths

Bodies shrouded in shadows.
Waiting for the ill souls that come.
Sniffing air and life around.

Creatures crall in fear from them.
Piercing soul and heart.
Once great men of the good earth.
Greedy souls cursed by Sauron.
Lives now bound to him.

No regard to life.
Killing in an instant.
Chilling rides and cloaks so black.

Hunting any in their path.
Never will they let go of their pain
their will to hunt for the ringbearer.