Elessar the King

A weary Ranger's well-worn cloak,
Muddied boots and hooded face
Veiled in shadows, nameless eyes,
Heir of an ancient race.

The hands of Fate, the test of Time,
Reveal the hidden truth within
A common guise, a golden crown,
A kingdom's throne to win.

A broken sword in legend's tale
Betrayed by greed and power lust,
Afraid to follow down the path
Where hope dissolves to dust.

Through darkeness shines the light of Love,
And faith defies the odds at last,
Holding high the reforged blade
To sever the sullied past.

A white tree crowned by seven stars,
A sable banner held on high,
All doubt and fear now laid aside,
Horns sound the battle cry.

Victory! The shadows flee!
Heroic deeds and praises sing!
Remember well this day of days,
Of Elessar the King.

- Old Toby