A Cloak of Many Colours

A cloak of white with silver strands
Woven through like angels' breath,
Reflects the wisdom of ages past,
Defies the hand of Death.

A cloak of blue deep as the sky,
Deep as a wizard's dream,
A vision lost amidst the thoughts,
A ring's pale golden gleam.

A cloak of green as Envy's eyes
Shine bright with their desire
Of power just beyond their grasp,
Kindling that ancient fire.

A cloak of red and blood-stained hands,
Succumb to curses past;
A shadow now of Wisdom lost,
All mercy gone at last.

A cloak of black with tattered strands
Woven through like devil's breath,
Reflects the loss of ages past,
Chants now the curse of Death.

- Old Toby