A Choice -
To stay and hide
Hope trouble passes by
Or leave hearth and home
For dangers unknown
I chose to go

{The Hobbits}
A Choice -
To declare our errand done
Give the burden to another one
Or take it up again
Returning home we know not when
We chose to go

A Choice -
These strangers to kill
Take back what is precious still
Or go on their quest
Trust they know what is best
I chose to go

A Choice -
To deny my name
No throne to claim
Or tread paths of the dead
An army to head
I chose to go

No choice at all
It has me in its thrall
Put the Ring on
A snap of teeth and it’s gone
No choice at all

A Choice -
To stay where it’s no longer home
Still with the friends I’ve always known
Or sail to the West
To find some rest
We’ll meet again, I know
I choose to go 
- Nuroreiel