When I See You Again

- NorthStar
When I see you again
Will you still be my fire
The spark I held onto
When all else seemed too dark
Will your smile once again
Be the one I remember
From my cradle
To your grave
In the lonely bark
On the cold river bank.

When I see you again
Will the horn be again whole
Will your cloak be unsundered by Gondorian blood
Will your blade be as bright
And your stature unbowed
By defeat, by disgrace
Will you greet me with love
The pride of our father
Not diminished
Not abandoned.

And when I see you again
Will you speak of your journey
Will you understand then
Why it could not be you
Will you see in my eyes
Why I could not take it
Will you understand, brother
Why I let the ringbearer go
Turned my destiny back towards the battle
Finding strength in my valor.

I will see you again, dearest brother of mine
I will stand before you, your equal at last
I will lift up my arms and clasp you within them
And be once again whole.