Call to the Warrior

Elessar, Elessar
King of kings, Telcontar
Hears the whispers in his mind
You are the last of your own kind.

Elessar, Elessar
Numenorean line, Telcontar
Time to call the shades of the past
For the time of reckoning is coming fast

Elessar, Elessar
Estel, the hope of Telcontar
You must lead the final fight
And take by force what is yours by right.

Elessar, Elessar
Warrior of house Telcontar
You are all now that stands between
Endless darkness and an elven queen.

Elessar, Elessar
Savior of the Telcontar
Bend your head and ascend your throne
Isildur’s heir has now come home.

- Northstar