In the Tower

Gandalf and Saruman in the tower

Lightning crashes, splinters black stone
Rain pours down, waves from the sky
A huddled figure shivers
Back pressed against pillar
Passing the time till rescue is near.

Below in the halls, a white wizard towers
Strides back and forth, curses his nemesis's name
Calls on spells he thought he'd forgotten
To heighten the storm, increase the power
Surely all nature will soon end this one life.

Days and nights pass, endless in number
Still his enemy lives, how can this be?
How long must he wait till this threat has been vanquished
Till he alone knows of the lost band of gold
And can seize it unaided, to claim for his own.

His incantations are fruitless, his spells do not hold
His frustration mounting, he storms to the top
Of his tower, to demand "do you join me or die?"
A smile, his only answer to the question he poses
His fury unleashed, he advances on his prey.

Muttering threats, he summons his power
To finish the task, once and for all
Huge wings descend, stunning him with their force
A fierce eagle glowers, swoops by the pair
And his enemy vanishes into the air.

- NorthStar