In the Shadows of Mount Doom

One small being, with a will of stone
His most loyal of friends, a hero unknown
Will face down utter darkness to save the world
While below them on the plains, the Eye's machinations unfurl

In those last desperate moments, in thrall to the Ring
Frodo's will dissolves, obliterating all other things
Only through a desperate act of one more obsessed than he
Will the Ring be lost, and the world ever after be free.

As he stands at the chasm of monstrous Mount Doom
With only red fires penetrating the gloom
A starved angry creature, composed of fear and hate
Locks him in deadly battle, sealing his fate.

My precious, my precious, screamed the creature in glee
Holding aloft the one ring, his final folly
He plunged to his end in the inferno below
Leaving Frodo alone, enveloped in shadow.

Forever after, the Ring will torment Frodo's soul
Knowing without it he will never be whole
He has done what he had been appointed to do
At the cost of himself and all he held true.

The ache in his heart cannot be repaired
From this final wound, he cannot be spared
He must cross the sea to the undying lands
Where the nightmares can recede like water and sand.

- northstar