Song of Morgoth

- NorthStar
My destruction awaits
Mine enemies, they batten down the walls
Of my self-imposed prison
It is nigh time for my end.

Ah, but these fools amuse me
In my tortured despair, still I laugh
At their righteous anger, all for me
The father, and the maker of evil.

They know naught of my pain
Only my actions deceive them
I hunger inside for what all living wish for
Love, hard crystalline, pure.

Love, they would scoff
Melkor, they name abhors such a treasure
My chances were taken, usurped from me
And I have now lost all that I had.

She chose me first, star queen
Before ever my brother’s eye she caught
Her glances and longing were only for me
Now gone, lost forever, denied.

He took all from me, that vessel of good
Her love, my place, my father’s good will
Claimed all for himself, and when I dared to protest
Cast me out.

Ah, that they do not know
I was banned, thrown aside for
My brother’s own deeds
Evil Melkor, be gone, your music cease.

My last act, of desperation driven
To keep one reminder of what joy there once was
The jewels, Simarils, life light itself
I took them and ran into blackness entire.

But they pursued me , never knowing,
Never understanding my need
To gaze upon what was, and what might have been
Had I fought for my life, before my disclaimer.

Proud Feanor, his vanity in his creations so fierce
His seven sons in league, dog my steps
Seeking vengeance, still as doomed as their sire
Kin-slayers, elf-killers, their curse great as mine.

They will bind me in chains, lead me out to the light
To my judgement ~ they think
At that too, I laugh
Even the Firstborn cannot chain the Valar I still am.

They might have been my brothers in arms
Given my love, my power
Not my captors, whose fear
And hate surges towards me.

My destruction will not be the end of me
For I too have creations, my burden to bear
Dark anger fills them, good they abhor
In the Third Age of Man, I will rise once again.