A Man of Gondor

It is done
I took it.
See how it lies here in my hand.
Gold, burned deep,
Wreathed with spells.
It glows up at me.
The reflection of a man of Gondor.

I did not wish this to happen;
His face when I seized it…
First frightened, then blank
In denial.
He struggled, but to no avail.
No match for me,
A man of Gondor.

I could not help myself.
I put it on.
Strange, how it fit me so well,
As though made for me.
Perhaps it was.
Not for the Dark Lord alone
But forged for a man of Gondor.

I hear him coming for me;
Let him come.
I am ready to fight if I must,
Even against my own king.
He cares not for his people.
He will try to kill me.
A king, against a man of Gondor.

I look to the sky
The sun is no more
The ground red with blood
My blood.
Spilt, the tide runs
His eyes are above mine
My king, a man of Gondor.

- NorthStar