Night in Lorien

Night in Lorien
A million stars twinkle above the trees
A lament on the air
For a fallen friend.

Comrades in arms slumber
The rest denied them too long
Only he cannot sleep
His fate soon decided.

A flicker of light
Like a shadow of a dream
She glides by
He must follow.

Her basin gleams bright in the near dark
The fountain flows from past to the present
Now it may show the future
If he dares look.

The ring bearer approaches
So light of foot that air hardly stirs
She knows he is there
And turns.

Will you look into Galadriel‚s mirror, she asks
Knowing already the answer
If I must, he says
His heart fills with dread.

The pool is filled
The water hypnotizes
The ring weighs heavily on him
It too, wants to see.

Battles, fire, monstrous creatures
The Shire devoured
His friends in chains
The ring draws nearer.

The lidless eye of Sauron burns his soul
He sees what will be should he fail
Galadriel sighs
For she sees her own end as well.

A final pull, he wrenches away
Falls back, gasping
Thrusts the ring at the Queen
Her hands shake with desire.

I will give you the one ring, he whispers
If you want it, take it now
The power is daunting
I am too afraid to continue alone.

She trembles, struggles
Heart against will
Bends her head slowly
Then looks up, eyes clear, and smiles

Even the smallest person can change the course of the world
She says to him, so softly
If you do not find a way
Then no one will.

Night in Lorien.

- Northstar