Let Them Come

- Northstar

The day is darkening over the Hornburg
Around me, men strap on weapons and mail
I shun such things, I need no armor
I thirst for battle.
Let them come.

We range along the deeping wall
Archers, swordsmen, spear throwers alike
Their eyes are frightened, their hands shake
Mine are steady.
Let them come

They say they’re getting closer
Saruman’s Uruk-Hai, ten thousand strong
Armed with weapons never before seen
The ground shakes.
Let them come.

I fear nothing, like my kin before me
Dragonslayers, treasure hunters, adventurers all
We have faced worse than these man-built monsters.
Spell-created horrors.
Let them come.

Never would I have thought to stand with elves
To fight by their side for the good of mankind
Creatures of light, we are creatures of shadow
The elves never falter.
Let them come.

They are upon us, I hear the roar
No music to be heard in the sound of their horns
Though I cannot see them, I feel them close in
I am ready
Let them come.