An Imposter Dreams

Poised, his words thundering in my ears
He rides past me, unaware of my identity
Just another soldier, in Rohan colors clad
I bow my head in allegiance to our Lord Aragorn
And dream.

I am no longer Eowyn, icy daughter of kings
Shepherdess of Rohan’s flock
I have left that life behind me, never to return.
My sword hangs heavy against my hip
My child, cold steel; I have given birth to myself.

What lies before us chills my soul
The blackness spreads over the sky
Winged destroyers caw victory
My hand does not tremble
I wait for the call.

I am Dernhelm, but a soldier among thousands
I cannot live any other way
Nor will I die so.
I have waited my whole life for this.
He speaks!
- Northstar