Faramir’s Song for Eowyn In The House Of Healing

I have watched you, white one, in your hours of pain
Watched you sleep, dreaming hard
As though wishing made it so.
So hard to wake from your lovely dreams
In the cool light of day, your hopes dead and gone.
I would reach out to touch that soft-petaled flower
But do not, for fear it would break in my hand.

I know for whom you look, fair Eowyn
He brought you back, but he will not succor you.
His heart is bound to another
As dark as you are light.
It is she who haunts his dreams.
You yearn, but it is in vain.
He is not to be yours in this life.

But I am here, yet unlooked for
I too am wounded and sore in spirit.
I also have seen death and despair.
But I can look forward to the dawn of a new time
A time, when we are once again at peace
I will not rule Gondor, nor would I wish to
I wish only to rule your heart.

- Northstar