Battle Call

Below is a little poem written at 11:30 PM on NYE, which was inspired by my three year old son. As a big fan of "Fellowship," he has become an ardent defender of Frodo. During battle scenes, particularly Weathertop, he is prone to stand in front of the TV, waving his sword and magic wand (his two favorite toys) at the Black Riders and yelling at them at the top of his lungs - which, believe me, is pretty loud! I don't pretend to understand all he is saying to them, but one phrase seems clear; "arise to fight." I have no idea where he got it, but it seemed to create this tidbit below on its own...

Foes march in the dead of night
steady stomping, unearthly sound
primed for battle 'gainst all mankind
their warring call, "arise to fight!"

Rohan's plains now burned and blight
plundered, ruined, soaked with gore
cruel reminder of powers dark
Rohirrim heed now, "arise to fight!"

Isengard, is a barren, blackened site
nature trampled by machines of war
the Ents, enraged, will finally curse
and move as one, "Arise to fight!"

And all will clash for wrong and right
men and monsters, creatures foul
metal on metal, sword and bow
for one last stand, "arise to fight!"

- NorthStar