The Ballad of Peregrin Took

A hobbit of the house of Took
Peregrin is what I am named
Youngest and smallest of the companions am
Yet I became one of the greatest famed.

I am called a fool, yes that is true
And justly so I am afraid
My common sense is somewhat skewed
But some wise decisions have I made.

I’m fond of ale and mushrooms too
I never miss a meal
But when my chance at valor came
As a hero I was revealed.

I learned to fight with Elvish blade
And showed myself a braver man
And in the battle of Moria’s mines
I dispatched my enemies, orc, not man.

Lothlorien, a place to fear
Said Gimli in his most hushed voice
But surrounded by elves with arrows drawn
To remain there we had little choice.

Galadriel, the lady fair
Looked in my heart, my fears inside
Said not a word, but gazed upon me
And saw what no longer could I hide.

“You are small,” she said, “and often scared.
Yet through this all, you still remain so true
Though separated all you soon shall be
A valiant warrior burns within you.”

Waylaid by orcs after Boromir fell
I wept to watch a hero die
Pushed along, bound hand and foot
I did not have to wonder why.

Merry and I escaped that fate
And found ourselves in a forest deep
While we drank of the water and looked about
One watched us there, who did not sleep.

Treebeard, it was, most ancient of Ents
Wondrous creatures to behold
He mulled over our tale so carefully
With the wisdom of one who is ages old.

He listened to our tale of woe
And knew his hour had arrived
Under the threat to his home he called to arms
Other beings of the forest thrived.

Renewed (and taller) I became
As on to Isengard we pressed our cause
Saruman saw no threat from us
But the Ents brought even the Istari to awe.

I served the steward of Gondor well
To Denethor I pledged my entire self
I went to battle with the Captain of the Guards
Separated from my friends, wizard, dwarf and elf.

As Frodo labored on to Mordor East
Our loyal Sam forever near
I watched the sky grow black as night
And fought to conquer my own fear.

How far from the Shire have we come
Was my lone abiding thought
I must believe he will succeed
Or all else comes to naught.

When in what seemed our darkest day
By magic, the foul cloud split and broke
The valiant warriors cheered to see
The threat of Mordor go up in smoke.

My poor cousin Frodo, worn and maimed
Nearly lost his battle at the end
His will destroyed, his body too
But in the Shire, all will mend.

Our hero, Strider, king of all
At Cormallen he took his crown
His whole life’s work to unite mankind
And Arwen Evenstar, now his own.

Homeward bound, we hobbits rode
Only to find our lands destroyed
By evil things and marauding men
And the seductive power of the Voice.

Saruman, our bitter foe
Allowed to yet live, through Gandalf’s pity
In his revenge, though petty it was
He destroyed the Shire, our Hobbiton city.

He got his own, I am glad to say
Though of killing I am no fan
Twisted Wormtongue brought him down
Whom he abused by deed and hand.

To Merry and myself, the task was clear
We drove away those who terrified our folk
While Sam, master gardener, restored the land
And put the animals back to yoke.

And Frodo, oh Frodo, was never the same
His whole being was forever changed
We often saw him wandering alone
With expressions on his sweet face strange.

The day came when he left for good
We rode with him along the road
With not much to say, our hearts were grieved
But Frodo carried the heaviest load.

When on the boat he stepped, I cried
I’m not ashamed to tell
For now things will never to be the same
I wish my dear friend well.

So that is my story, a long one it is
Adventures have I had
And though I have roamed both far and wide
To be home once again, I am glad.

- NorthStar