Untitled "Thank You"

- Nora

"Untitled – “Thank You” card – Cast and Crew – March 2, 2004

In 1970, with few upward looks,
I first happened upon these wonderful books.
A plan for life they seemed to unfold,
Where the good of all is the highest goal.

In times of upheaval they re-entered my life,
As if to reassure me that beyond today’s strife.
There was still kindness to be given, and love for others,
The good of the whole, all sisters and brothers.

And so thru it all I have fashioned my days,
Falling off the horse daily, still learning the ways.
But like the road, we go onward as imperfect folk,
As long as our hearts can still laugh with this joke.

And who would have thought it could happen this way,
When others scoffed, you replied with …..”Oh nay.”
The scenes in my heart now before my eyes,
The pain of Frodo , the great courage of Samwise.

Aragorn’s struggle with his destiny and more,
Of Legolas’s agility and Gimli’s humour.
Of Boromir’s death ,the anguish of Faramir, his brother,
And of Merry and Pippin – closer than almost any other.

The evil of Sauruman – who should have been saved ,
His wisdom was corrupted, becoming no more than a slave.
Of Gandalf the Grey – returning as White,
New wisdom and foresight from passing through the light.

The armies that fought before the Black Gate,
The brave kings that lead them, dismissing their fate.
For one chance of freedom, both now and evermore,
For a hobbit named Frodo they ventured once more.

And now, to a new generation, this tale can be told,
First movie, then books, till they too will grow old.
A legacy bright…….. before the Black Gate,
We hand over the mantel, they can now change THEIR fate.

The lesson is clear, you don’t really need to look,
It’s there in the films, taken from the books.
Frodo lives on in all of us, in the good that we do,
When we think of the many instead of the few.