What has Become of Me

For Frodo, on Mt. Doom

What has become of me?
Where shall I go?
I have forgotten the taste of meat,
The warm sun upon my upon my face and what it is to truly eat,
How will I go on when I don't know what I'ev got?

My world is gone,
My hope is come to it's end
Inside my heart tells me I'ev come to the goal
What shall I do when I can not go the last bend?

Sam's song of the large, tall Ents
So it comes to my mind as I tell,
Perhaps I will never see home
I wish it was there that I was sent.

How I will cry for home, in my mind, it is a yell
Tears will fall, pain will come
I do this for the Shire, for I want to be there, to see and smell,
What is truly good in this world is so far from me now, but so to my heart.

- Nin Maldor