Sestinas by Nicotiana Toby

Sestina ......... "Little Furry Feet

Tiny scamps,fresh on life's road
Of pranks, they're never short.
Warm echoes ring around the home
Composed by drumming little feet.
Chased down each twirling autumn leaf
With timid eyes that peep from door.....

To mirrored eyes at facing door
New friendships hit the road.
Small noses meet, mid nibbled leaf
In fledgling introductions short.
But now pure mischief doubles feet
So batten down your mathomed home.....

That cosy concrete habbits home
With floral paints splashed by the door.
And make way for impatient feet
On your well-rounded adult road.
Endearing grins rule all,in short
So be content to smoke your leaf.....

But hunters leave no unturned leaf
Come sniffing foul, around that home.
This tale of joy is cut so short
When strangers darken your small door.
Pray danger passes on the road
And misses fresh and tasty feet.....

Belove-ed little furry feet
Resting weary head on way-side leaf.
While shadows creep along the road
And there's no turning back for home.
Has Lady Luck slammed shut her door?
For even by their friends sold short.....

It's then, their faith starts falling short.
They question worth, of standing on their feet.
Forget the welcome mat still grieving by the door.
That song of breezes stroking flower and leaf.
The heart that's aching back at home
And ever watching silent,empty road.....

So changed familiar door, by seeming journey short.
This road has wounded brave and trusting little feet
For which a healing leaf no longer grows at home.

Dedicated to all the little furry feet that found the road too hard to bear and for whom there was no healing.