This Burden

I have a burden
That I must carry
Away from home
And loved ones.

And though this burden
Is not as big as a mountain
(It can fit in my hand)
Away, away I must go.

But whither I go?
And shall I go alone?
Or with companions at my side?
This, only I can decide.

It has been decided
But not by me alone
Fellows I shall bring with me
To destroy this burden.

But now here I stand
At water's edge
Another decision at hand
Again, to go alone?

One I know has fallen
Into the dark abyss
I have no guidance
Except that he once gave.

I must go alone
I must get away
I will leave all behind
This will be my burden.

But then
From shadow of wood
One emerges.
He will share my burden
To a fiery end
If the fates so deem it.

I shall not be alone.

- Nenya