The Evenstar

The light that emits

From soft fingertips

Brightens my path,

Once dark.

And melts to the bone,

Like fire and stone,

The steel of my

Armored heart.

The touch that begins

From glowing skin

Caress the lines

Of my face

And strengthen this need

To never be freed

From the arms of

Her loving embrace.

The tears that cry

From bewildered eyes

Flood my world

With care

And like the rain,

They diminish the pain

Of a thousand wounds

Laid bare.

The words that drip

From parting lips

Enthrall my love

From within

And beg of my soul

Not to let to go,

To lose myself

And give in.

The dreams that bind

From a gentle mind;

It’s the Evenstar

Taking flight.

And it is there I sleep,

Her love do I keep,

Lending myself

To the light.

- Narya