The Story Of Aragorn And Arwen

- Narvinye


Raised from birth by Elrond The Wise,
Son of Arathorn and Gilrean The Fair,
strong and brave, he found favor in Elronds eyes,
been called Estle was now reveled as Arathorns hier.

"Here are the shards of the broken sword Narsil,
said Elrond,"With it you'll do many great deeds,
you will live longer than most men will'
here is the ring of Barahir, of it you'll have need.

Aragorn walked alone one night,
Singing of Beren and Luthien's doom,
suddenly he stopped and gazed at the sight,
he saw a fair maid in the light of the moon.

The elf-maiden he saw was fair to see,
blue were her eyes and dark was her hair
that cascaded down far past her knee's,
All that Aragorn could do was stare!

Thinking she would vanish and not be seen again,
he cried," Tinuviel,Tinuviel"as Beren long ago,
the maiden heard his cry and turned to him and then,
her full beauty,grace royalness he could behold!

She asked," Why do you call me by that name?"
he said," Lady I believed you to be Beren's wife!"
she said,"Ah, but we are not the same!
But maybe her doom shall also take my life!"

They talked for a while, beside the pond,
Then she said," I must leave, fare thee well!"
Aragorn gazed after her , the daughter of Elrond,
and from that day he loved Arwen Undomiel!


One day Elrond called Aragorn to his hall'
and said," You are in love with Arwen Undomiel,
but she is older,far above you, men all!
Who you shall wed only time can tell!"

Aragorn left Elrond lovingly at Rivendell,
and set off to seek adventures that life will bring,
his smaller quests we shall not tell,
but still his deeds the elf-minstrels sing.

With love for Arwen still burning within,
Aragorn went to Lothlorion, his journy done,
he found Arwen there visiting kin,
she was most beautifull under the sun.

For a season in Lothlorion they walked hand in hand,
he told her of his victorys and losses,sore ,
she told him things of wisdom and of the land'
and as he spoke she loved him more.

When Elrond heard of his daughters choice'
he was filled with a great pain,
but he said to Aragorn in kindly voice,
" To fight between us would bring us no gain"

But to please his life-long mentor and friend,
Aragorn left Lothlorion without a trace,
but his love for Arwen had no end,
and he often dreamed of her lovely face.

Then Aragorn began his greatest quest of all,
the quest for power, and greed and the Ring,
then he travled to Rivendell to call,
Arwen , his beloved to be his Queen,

So for six-score years she lived by his side,
in more glory and bliss than anyone can tell,
in splendor and wealth they did abide,
now mortal, she loved her new life well.

Aragorn, now old. felt his days run out,
and he said fare well to his dear wife,
And then he slept,Arwen began to shout ,
" Estle, Estle "in her grief,no joy now was in her life.

Soon she died of grief and was laid to rest,
on a beautifull green grassy knoll,
then the story was recorded ;it was thought best,
that this story of love and loss should be told!