What about Them?

Who are you
Why did you choose this way
What made you fight for the Dark Lord
Why did you decide to do this

A young boy, wears a mask
He is sitting on the Oliphaunt
He wears bows and arrows
His face is covered

Was he once a young boy
Did his father fight for the enemy
Or was his father killed by orcs
Maybe tortured by Sauron

It could have happened many years ago
The stories about the dark force
Did these stories inspire him
Or did he have no choice

Maybe it was revenge
If he could join the enemy
He probably would find his father's killer
Or was it something else

Was he really mislead
Did he really love to fight
Maybe he wanted to show his strength
Or did he want to get rid of his weaknesses

Our soldier is sitting on one of the largest beasts
He is ready to fight against the army of Gondor
Even the army of Rohan
He dreams of killing Aragorn

One smile, and he laughs with a sound of evil
Thinks he has it all
Thinks he will receive a place next to Sauron
Nothing than hate is in his eyes

He laughs and laughs while he kills
He is so filled with proud, it couldn't go wrong
Nobody can kill him! He is the best!
Or is he a bit too proud

An arrow flies through the air and hits him in the chest
He falls from the Oliphaunt and hits the ground
Blood is coming from his mouth, he has stopped breathing
One closer look to his face, he is just eighteen................................
- mrspippin