Samwise Walks On

Dear Sam is walking alone on the misty mountains
His mind is going back to the days when life was dark
Sacrifices have been made, blood has been spilled
Scars are marked on the souls of the survivors
And all alone walks Sam.

His loyalty has saved the world
His braveness and his faith in the quest made him stronger
Stories are told about him and Frodo with the nine fingers
But Sam isn't interested in the heroic stories
Neither is he interested in fame and glory.

It was normal for him he often explains, to be there when he was needed
Every person with a heart would have done the same
Sam doesn't want to be in the spotlights
He wanted to live a life with his family
And most of all, a garden to work on as well.

Very often his mind goes back to the faithful day
The day he and Frodo left the Shire to destroy the ring
How much he wants to change the course of time
To not leave but stay at the Shire and live his life
Because then Frodo would still be here today.

Sam is older now and has a family raised with love and care
The scars of the past seem to have left the world of ME
But deep inside Sam still feels the pain in his heart
Nothing can change it back to how it was
His two most beloved hobbits are no longer there with him.

But Sam also realizes it was necessary
Evil had to be destroyed to live on without fear
As he turns around and looks up to the sky
Sam felt the confidence return in his heart as he softly says
We will meet again Mister Frodo, we will meet again.

- mrspippin